Papers and Lectures of Prof. Stakhov
     Alexey Stakhov.Is it possible to create a New Elementary Mathematics based on the Golden Section?
Alexey Stakhov. Museum of Harmony and the Golden Section: Mathematical Connections in Nature, Science and Art
Alexey Stakhov. Brousentsov's Ternary Principle, Bergman's Number System and Ternary Mirror-symmetrical Arithmetic. The Computer Journal (British Computer Society), V. 45, No 2, 2002
Alexey Stakhov, Boris Rozin. On a New Class of Hyperbolic Functions. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 23, 2005.
Alexey Stakhov. Lecture "Harmony Mathematics and its Applications in Modern Science"  delivered by Professor Alexey Stakhov at the meeting of the Alliance of Technology and Science Specialists of Toronto on the November 11, 2004