International conference
"Problems of Harmony, Symmetry and the Golden Section in Nature, Science and Art"
October 22-24, 2003
Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Topics of the Conference

  1. Golden section in mathematician, computer science and education
  2. Golden section in physics, biology and medicine
  3. Golden section in economic sciences
  4. Golden section in architecture and art
  5. Fundamental ideas in modern physics

Working languages of the Conference: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Founders of the Conference

  • Vinnitsa State Agricultural University (VSAU, Vinnitsa, Ukraine)
  • Vinnitsa National Medical Pirogov's University (Vinnitsa, Ukraine)
  • Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
  • Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (Minsk, Belarus)
  • Taganrog State Radio Engineering University (Taganrog, Russia)
  • Vinnitsa Joint-stock Company "Vinnitsatelecom" (Vinnitsa, Ukraine)
  • Research-and-production firm "STRUM" (Vinnitsa, Ukraine)

Organizing and Programme committee of the Conference:

Chairman of the Organizing Committee:
Leonid Sereda, Rector of the VSAU, Professor

Scientific coordinator of the Conference:
Alexey Stakhov, Chairman of the Economical Cybernetics and Computer Science Department of the VSAU, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor (

The honorary members of the Conference:
Jury Mitropolsky, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honorary Director of Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
Konstantin Frolov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia);
Sergey Peotukhov, the leading scientific employee of Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;
Gyorgy Darvas, PhD, Director of Institute "Symmetrion", Editor of the Journal "Symmetry: Culture and Science"(Hungary);
Alexander Volkov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Honorary Professor of National Aviation University (Kiev, Ukraine);
Eduard Soroko, the leading scientific employee of Institute of Philosophy of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor (Minsk, Belarus);
Oleg Bodnar, Chairman of the Architecture Department of the National University "Lviv Politechnica", Doctor of Arts, Professor (Lviv, Ukraine);
Alexander Zenkin, the leading scientific employee of the Computer Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;
Jury Vishnjakov, Dean of the Automation and Computer Faculty of the Taganrog State Radio Engineering University, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor (Taganrog, Russia);
Gennadiy Shypov, physician-theorist (Moscow, Russia), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;
Mikhail Marutaev, composer, member of the Moscow Composer Society (Moscow, Russia);
Victor Jablonsky, General Director of the Vinnitsa Joint-stock Company "Vinnitsatelecom " (Vinnitsa, Ukraine);
Oleg Blanar, General Director of the Research-and-production firm "STRUM" (Vinnitsa, Ukraine).

Organizing Committee:
Oleg Bisikalo, Vise-Rector of VSAU, Dozent;
Nikolay Zaporogez, Chairman of Chemistry Department of VSAU, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor;
Vladimir Todosijchuk, Dean of Correspondence Faculty of the Vinnitsa State Agricultural University, Dozent;
Pavel Shaparenko, Chairman of the Human Anatomy Department of the Vinnitsa National Medical Pirogov's University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Requirements to presentation of the Conference materials:

Example of the theses of the lecture:


Alexey Stakhov

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Vinnitsa State Agricultural University

The materials are represented till September 20, 2003

It is submitted two copies of materials signed by all authors and printed on a paper of the format 4. Also it is submitted electronic version in MS Word on a diskette 3,5''. The texts of the paper should be prepared in the Ukrainian or Russian languages with the summary in English, or in English with the summary in Russian or Ukrainian languages. Requests to presented materials: the editor - Microsoft Word, format of the text 4, font Times New Roman, font 14, interval - unary; sizes of fields: left - 30 mm, right - 15 mm, upper and lower - till 20 mm, paragraph - 5 signs, All figures should be in a format .tif or .wmf, and the inscriptions on Figures should correspond to a font size of the main text of the article. The programme committee reserves the right to edit represented materials and to exclude materials, which do not concern to the theme of the Conference or do not correspond to the mentioned above requirements. The issuing of the collection of materials of conference is planned prior to the beginning work of conference. According to decision of the program committee of the conference the most actual and significant papers will be published in the special issue of the "Bulletin of the Vinnitsa State Agricultural University".

To attention of the participants

The Conference will be hold in the sports complex "Olimpia" of the Vinnitsa State Agricultural University located in pine forest near to the University (11 km). It has comfortable rooms for accommodation of the conference participants, Conference Hall and auditoriums for plenary and sectional meetings. It allowed considerably to reduce the expenses for the participants. The participant expenses (residing, feed, transport moving within the framework of the program of conference, the publishing costs, cultural program) make 15 USA $ per day; besides each participant at the moment of registration should introduce the organizational fee in the sum $20 USA.

With the purpose of effective scheduling of the Conference we ask beforehand to confirm your participation in the Conference (till October, 10, 2003) and to send the filled application form.

For timely formation of the Conference program and publication of the Conference materials it is necessary to present to Organizing committee both printed, and electronic versions of your article up to September 20, 2003:

  1. Thesis of the lecture - no more than 2 pages
  2. The article - not more 6 pages

The cultural program of the Conference foresees a visit Museum and Memorial crypt by Pirogov and other remarkable places of Vinnitsa.

The request to the non-resident participants of the Conference to book the return ticket beforehand.


Last name                                                            
First name                                                            
Scientific degrees                                                            
Place of employment                                                            
Subject of lecture                                                            

Please send your application to the post address:
"Golden Conference", Vinnitsa State Agricultural University, Solnechnaja-Street, 3
Vinnitsa - 21008, Ukraine

E-mail: (it will work after August 15, 2003)

Phones for information:
+380 (432) 35 31 76 (Jazkovskaj Rimma)
+380 (432) 35 70 84 (Marzenjuk Ludmila)

You can get the current information about the Conference by the address:

Resolution of the International Conference "Problems of Harmony, Symmetry and the Golden Section in Nature, Science and Art"