Appendix 3

The list of the books on the Golden Section written by the Slavonic scientists

Slavonic scientists (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland) contributed essentially to development of Fibonacci numbers and Golden Section theory and its applications to modern science. In 1992 and 1993 according to Prof. Stakhov's initiative the International Seminars "The Golden Proportion and Problems of System Harmony" were hold in Kiev; then according to Prof. Korobko's initiative these Seminars were continued in Stavropol, Russia (1994, 1995, 1996). These Seminars considerably actuated researches in this important area and brought into creation of so-called "Slavonic Golden Group", an informal association of the Slavonic Fibonacci scientists. The outstanding contribution of the Slavonic science to development of the Golden Section theory and its applications is confirmed by the following books written by the Slavonic scientists:

  1. Vorob'ev N.N. Fibonacci Numbers (1961)
  2. Shevelev I. S. Geometric Harmony (1963)
  3. Shevelev I.S. Logics of Architectural Harmony (1973)
  4. Urmantsev U. A. Symmetry of Nature and Nature of Symmetry (1974)
  5. Petoukhov S.V. The Highest Symmetries in the Biomechanics of Shape Formation (1974)
  6. Stakhov A.P. Introduction into Algorithmic Measurement Theory (1977)
  7. Stakhov A.P. Algorithmic Measurement Theory (1979)
  8. Soroko E.M. Structural Harmony of Systems (1984)
  9. Stakhov A.P. Codes of the Golden Proportion (1984)
  10. Tsvetkov V.D. Fibonacci series and optimal organization of mammal heart activity (1984)
  11. Pomerantseva N.A. Aesthetical Foundations of the Ancient Egypt Art (1985)
  12. Grzedzielski Jan. Energeticzno-geometryczny kod przyrody (1986)
  13. Shevelev I.S. Principle of Symmetry (1986)
  14. System, Symmetry, Harmony. Under edition of Tuchtin and Urmantsev (1988)
  15. Kovalev F. V. The Golden Section in Painting (1989)
  16. Noise-tolerant codes: Fibonacci computer. Under edition of Stakhov (1989)
  17. Shevelev I.S., Marutaev M.A., Shmelev I.P. The Golden Section: Three Views on the Nature of Harmony (1990)
  18. Vasutinski N.A. The Golden Proportion (1990)
  19. Korobko V.I. Primak G.N. The Golden Proportion and a Man (1992)
  20. Shmelev I.P. Phenomenon of the Ancient Egypt (1993)
  21. Bodnar O.J. The Golden Section and Non-Euclidean Geometry in Nature and Art (1994)
  22. Subbota A.G. The Golden Section (Sectio Aurea) in Medicine (1996)
  23. Stakhov A.P. Computer Arithmetic based on Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Section: New Information and Arithmetic Computer Foundations (1997)
  24. Tsvetkov V.D. Heart, the Golden Section and Symmetry (1997)
  25. Korobko V.I. The Golden Proportion and Problems of System Harmony (1998)
  26. Stakhov A.P., Massingue V., Sluchenkova A.A. Introduction into Fibonacci Coding and Cryptography (1999)
  27. Jasinski S.A. The Golden Proportion in Electrical Communication (1999)
  28. Voloshinov A.V. Mathematics and Fine Art (2000)
  29. Grinbaum O.N. Harmony of strophic rhythm in aesthetic-formal measurement (2000)
  30. Shevelev I.S. Meta-language of the Alive Nature (2000)
  31. Jasinski S.A. From Khufu Pyramid to the System of the "Golden" Pyramids (2001)
  32. Shevelev I.S. About Wholeness, Mirror Symmetry and Number of 1. (2002)
  33. Semenuta N.F., Mikhalenko V.L. The Golden Proportion in Nature and Fine Art (2002)
  34. Stakhov A.P. Under the Golden Section Banner: A Story of the Studbat Soldier Sun (2003)
  35. Stakhov A.P. A New Mathematics for the Alive Nature: Hyperbolic Fibonacci and Lucas Functions (2003)
  36. Stakhov A.P. Sacred Geometry and Mathematics of Harmony (2003)
  37. Stakhov A.P., Sluchenkova A.A. Museum of Harmony and Golden Section: Mathematical Connections in Nature, Science and Art (2003)
  38. Jasinski S.A. Applied "Golden" Mathematics and its Applications in Electrical Communication (2003)
  39. Subbota A.G. Harmony of Movement, the Golden Section and Health (2003)