Development of Fibonacci’s direction in the Eduardo Mondlane University

The organization of the scientific seminar on Fibonacci numbers for the teachers and students of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department became the first step of Prof. Stakhov's scientific activity in the University Eduardo Mondlane. Yury Petrossuk, Leopoldo Nhampossa, Emilio Mosse, and Vinancio Massingue and many other teachers of the Department became the active participants of the seminar. After 3-4 months there appeared the new scientific outcomes and there was the idea of the publication of the articles of the seminar participants in some scientific Journal. And due the active assistance of Vinancio Massingue such Journal was published at the end of 1999 within the framework of the Bulletin "Informatica" issued in the University under the edition of Vinancio Massingue.

The Bulletin 'Informatica' (1999)

The article of Prof. Stakhov "The Golden Section and Modern Harmony Mathematics", which is the expanded version of the lecture made by him on the Fibonacci Conference The original article "National information resources as new economical notion" was written by Vinancio Massingue. Besides Yury Petrossuk, Leopoldo Nhampossa, Emilio Mosse were the writers of the articles. The article of Vladimir Chernov and Maria Pershina "Fibonacci-Mersenne and Fibonacci-Fermat discrete transforms" (Russia, Samara, Academy of Sciences of Russia) became the doubtless embellishment of the Journal. Due to this publication the Journal left the frameworks of Mosambique and became the International Journal.

However Prof. Stakhov's activity at the Department did not limit by the only scientific activity. At the certain stage according to the proposal of the Department Chairman he began to deliver for the computer science students two academic "Information theory and coding" and "Theory of simulation". For this purpose it was necessary to learn the Portuguese language and to write the manuals on these disciplines.

The teaching aid 'Information theory and coding'The teaching aid 'Theory of simulation'

However the new coding theory based on the Fibonacci matrixes was the main scientific Stakhov's outcome in his "Mozambican period". Vinancio Massingue participated actively in these researches. The outcomes of these researches were published in the collective monograph "Introduction into Fibonacci Coding and Cryptography" (the writers Alexey Stakhov, Vinancio Massingua and Anna Sluchenkova). The book was published by small edition in the Publisher "Osnova" of the Kharkov State University.

The collective monograph 'Introduction into Fibonacci Coding and Cryptography' (the writers Alexey Stakhov, Vinancio Massingua and Anna Sluchenkova)

We will tell about the contents of this new coding theory at the next pages of our Museum. Follow us!