Development of the Fibonacci direction in the University Al Fateh

Professor's collective of the Computer Engineering Department where Prof. Stakhov worked since February 1995 till August 1997 consisted of the highly qualified teachers having PhD's degrees obtained by them in the leading World universities. The educational process at the Department was put on the enough high level. Prof. Stakhov established the fine scientific and academic relations not only with the teachers but also with the students of the Department. He organized the scientific seminar on Fibonacci numbers and delivered a number of academic disciplines such as "Coding theory" and "Discrete mathematics". But the introduction of the new academic discipline "Mathematics of the Golden Section" was his main academic achievement in the University Al Fateh. According to the Department resolution the discipline was included to the academic curriculum of the specialty of "Computer Engineering". The students listened this course with the great concern and expressed their attitude to it in the following review.

On memory of his teaching activity Prof. Stakhov was photographed with the best students obtained the mark "excellent" on the course "Mathematics of the Golden Section".

In his "Libyan period" Prof. Stakhov continued to develop intensively the Fibonacci arithmetic. The "ternary mirror-symmetrical arithmetic" was one of the best Fibonacci results obtained by Prof. Stakhov in the "Libyan period". The Chairman of the Department Prof. Mohamed Samir Elbuni encouraged Stakhov's scientific investigations in the field of the new computer arithmetic and offered to Prof. Stakhov to deliver the lecture on the ternary mirror-symmetrical arithmetic at the Third Libyan International Conference on Electrical Engineering, which was hold in Tripoli in March 1996. Prof. Stakhov's article "Ternary Golden Proportion Computers: New Trend in the Computer Engineering" was published in the proceedings of the Conference. On memory of participation in this Conference Prof. Stakhov was photographed with the leading Department teachers who were present on Stakhov's lecture.

The Computer Engineering Department of the Al Fateh University accessed properly Prof. Stakhov scientific and academic activity in the Al Fateh University. In the review handed to Prof. Stakhov at the farewell supper there are the following words:

" By his excellent work in the University Al Fateh Professor Stakhov demonstrated the high level of the Ukrainian science and higher education".

However Prof. Stakhov's participation in the 7th International Conference on Fibonacci numbers and their applications (Austria, Craz, July, 1996) was the main scientific event of his "Libyan period". On this Conference Prof. Stakhov presented the University Al Fateh with three lectures:

  1. The Golden Section and Modern Harmony Mathematics
  2. Ternary Golden Proportion Computers: New Trend in the Computer Engineering (coauthor A.A. Sluchenkova).
  3. Number System based on the Fibonacci Two-by- Two Matrix (coauthors A.A. Sluchenkova and Mohamed Samir Elbuni).

We told in detail about the contents of the first lecture at the section dedicated to the Harmony Mathematics. And at this section we will tell still about one exotic Stakhov's mathematical discovery, about the "Ternary mirror-symmetrical arithmetic", which can become the basis of new computers based on the ternary representation and the "golden" basis. Follow us!