Your reviews and proposals


From: Gyuri Darvas

Dear Alexey,

Welcome back in Europe again!

I visited and enjoyed your virtual museum. Good idea. And well done.
I wish you many success.

My best regards,
Gyuri Darvas.

Our comment:
Gyorgy Darvas (, Director of the Institute "Symmetrion" (interdisciplinary symmetry studies, art-science interrelations, symmetry in science, art and technology), Secretary General of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry - ISIS-Symmetry.


From: Dan Shechtman


Your site is wonderful!
Many thanks.

Dan Shechtman

Our comment:
Professor Dan Shechtman ( is the outstanding Israel scientist, the author of quasi-crystals discovery, the 1986 Physics award for the Advancement of Science and Education, the 1987 International Award for New Materials of the American Physical Society, the 1987/1988 New England Academic Award of the Technion for Academic Excellence, the 1990 Rotðchild Prize in Engineering, the 1993 Weizmannprize in Science.


From: Edward Projdakov

Dear Alexey,

I looked your highly interesting WEB site.
1. I would like to ask you to make reference to our Virtual Computer Museum
2. Your article on Fibonacci computers would be very interesting for visitors of our Computer Museum. Those who would be interested by this theme can visit ypor WEB site.

Best regard,
Edward Projdakov.

Our comment:
Edward Projdakov ( is a Director of the Virtual Computer Museum (Russia, Moscow).


From: Roman Bazylevich

Dear Professor Stakhov,

I have familiarized with your Museum with big interest. Before this time I was familiarized with your scientific works and I believe that your scientific works have outstanding scientific importance. You do good thinks informing scientific community about these results.

Roman Bazylevich.

Our comment:
Roman Bazylevich is famous Ukrainian specialist in Computer Science field, a Chairman of the Applied Mathematics Department of the National University "Lviv Polytechnica".


From: Mihaly Szoboszlai

Dear Professor Stakhov,

Thank you very much for drawing my attention to your great website.
I congratulate to your work, and I will tell my students and colleagues to visit it and make remarks on your pages.
I put its address to my bookmark references.

Best regards,
Mihaly Szoboszlai (,
Faculty of Architecture Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


From: Istvan Hargittai

Dear Professor Stakhov,

Thanks for your message. Of course I remember our interaction and your important contribution to one of my symmetry projects.
Congratulations on the occasion of starting your Museum. I will visit it when I return from a trip, for which I am leaving in a few minutes.

Yours sincerely,
Istvan Hargittai.

Our comment:
Istvan Hargittai is the outstanding Hungarian scientist in chemistry, honorable member of ISIS-Symmetry.


From: Ruslan I. Kostov

Dear Prof. Stakhov,

Thank you for your E-mail. At first opportunity at some forum on symmetry-harmony-golden rule-fibonacci numbers-etc. I will recommend your ideas and your excellent web-site, which probably will be enriched in the future.
I personally highly appreciate your interdisciplinary approach of application of these ideas in history, art and natural sciences.

Sincerely yours,
Docent Dr. Ruslan I. Kostov (Bulgaria),
Member of the ISIS-symmetry.


From: Charlie Plyler

Dear Prof. Stakhov,

Thank you very much for sending me the information concerning the Museum of Harmony and Golden Section. I will digest the material and send you some comments. At first glance, it is an excellent source of facts and I commend you and your colleagues for the time spent compiling and referencing the material.

Charlie Plyler,


From: Ron Knott

Hello Alexey!

Thank you for your informative emails.
I do refer to Vorobev on my site, but, like others in your list, this book is out of print. Others of your references appear to be in Russian. My site is aimed at school students aged 12-19 and is at present only in English. I am sorry that I cannot make the pages available in languages other than English yet. Also I verify all of my links to make sure they are understandable by students of that age and are primarily about mathematics and some of your references are only understandable at graduate level and so, unfortunately, would not interest my intended readers.
I do refer to mathematicians both living and dead from all over the world and I do already refer to Oleksiy Stakhov at the foot of the page on Phigits and the Base Phi Representation, his biography, his book and his web site. This link has been there for a long time now. His web site has been available now for a number of years and is very nice. Is this person a relative of yours?
I have had a look at your Golden Museum on the web. It has a lot of information that I already have on my site. Also, O Stakhov's site duplicates much of the material that is on your site. In fact, there are pages on both your site and his that are almost identical but his site is much easier to use. However, your pages on the Fibonacci arithmetic and computer are written in clear English and are very informative and I have not seen this information elsewhere. May I include links to them on my web site?
You do not appear to include any links to other web pages on your site. Would a page of web links not be of great service to your readers?

With best wishes
Dr. Ron Knott.

Our comment:
WEB site "Fibonacci numbers" by Dr. Ron Knott ( is one of the best WEB sites on Fibonacci numbers. Dr Ron Knott is working as Visiting Fellow of the Mathematics Department of the University of Surrey (see

Our remark:
Oleksiy Stakhov and Alexey Stakhov are the same person. The name "Oleksiy" is Ukrainian translation of the Russian name "Alexey". In Ron Knott's message the question is one of the Oleksiy Stakhov WEB site


From: Gary Meisner

Hello Alexey,

Thank you for the invitation to visit your online museum. I would like to congratulate you on your work and contribution to this body of knowledge. While I haven't yet had time to read the site in its entirety, it looks to be a marvelous treatment and resource on the golden section. Like you, I wonder why this information is not included in education curriculums when it pervades so much of all we know and provides a single unifying foundation for so many disciplines. I am only an amateur scientist, but do like the idea of being a "golden scientist", as you have described. I've always loved math and science, but didn't discover the mysteries of phi, Fibonacci and the golden section until I was almost 40. Since then it has been a bit of a passion to find other instances in which it occurs and to offer them to the world on my site. I've tried very hard to make my site appealing to the masses through use of images and simple explanations. I have already learned some new things on your site that I had not seen anywhere else, so thank you for that. I look forward to hearing more about your plans for your site, your club and your education initiatives.

Best regards,
Gary Meisner.

Our comment:
Gary Meisner is maker of the WEB site "Stock market analysis with the Fibonacci series and Elliott Waves" (


From: Jury Wischnjakow and Alexander Chefranov

Dear Professor Stakhov,

With great pleasure we have familiarized with your WEB site "Museum of Harmony and Golden Section" constructed on high scientific and designed level. In fact, your Museum is encyclopedia publication, which embraces applications of the Golden Section ideas in engineering, meicine, biology and culture. We believe that familiarizing wide scientific and cultural community with theses ideas can bring considerable benefit both for formed and beginning researchers.
We would like to wish further creative successes to site's authors and developers.

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,
Dean of the Automation and Computer Engineering Faculty of the Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering
Jury Wischnjakow

Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Professor of the Programming Department of the Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering
Alexander Chefranov


From: Dave Allman

Dear Prof. Stakhov,

Thank you for introducing us to your website; it is quite an accomplishment. I will be certain to forward the website address to colleagues. While your staff has done an impressive job, you may want to consider working with an English-speaking proofreader to clean up the prose. Best of luck with your ongoing studies.

Dave Allman


From: Mosse Emilio Luis

Dear Professor Stakhov,

Just today I received your mail and visited your website. It is extremely wonderful what you did. Your WEB site is excellent. Everything is marvelous, from text to pictures. And all is done very well.

Mosse, Emilio Luis
Teacher of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department of the Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique, Maputo).


From: Yuri Grinev

Dear Professor Stakhov,

I studied in the Physics-Mathematics School ¹18 at the Moscow University, then spent 8 unforgettable years at the Faculty of Mechanics & Mathematics of the Moscow University (5 + postgraduate course).
Starting since 5th or 6th classes the famous Journal “Quantum” accompanied me (stretching my brains to mathematics) up to its untimely death.
Thus, those like to me (and I think not only those) will got (and get already) a great pleasure reading you.
Great thank to your daughter Anna (we are working together with her in one Company in Toronto) for information about you.
According to your permission (I hope) I have sent the address of your WEB site to my University friends in Russia, Japan, Israel, Canada. I hope that they will get no lesser pleasure from reading then you (no doubts) from writing.

With regard
Yuri Grinev,
Senior Software Engineer,
Iris Power Engineering Inc.


From: Dmitry Veize

Dear Alexey Petrovich,

I am agitated with your message and your invitation to collaboration. It is a great honor for me!
You are one of the recognized leaders of native "fibonaccism" and I hoped several years to get in touch with you to share with you by joy of own modest finds.
After information received from Professor Peutukhov I found at once yor WEB site and began to write letter to you. However you got ahead of me.
I hope to send a considered review on the Museum (and also my scientific works and photo) later.
And now I would like to thank you for proposal. Your idea and initiative turned out the best that I dreamed. Key peculiarity of your WEB site, which falls to eyes, is the following. Through figures and like dry formulas there creeps emotion, ardor and individuality of researcher.
I do not talk about possibility of people to look and to show themselves, to argue, to pose, TO PARTICIPATE!
One more thank you very much and my best wishes of health and creative success!

Sincerely yours,
Dmitry Veize
PhD in Medicine (Moscow).


From: Alexander Zenkin

Dear Alexey!

In 27 December 2001 the Seminar of the Moscow branch of the International Society "ISIS-Symmetry" has been hold. I have delivered there the lecture “SYMMETRY AND ANTISYMMETRY OF MENTAL SPACE OF MODERN META-MATHEMATICS” and I attach the abstract of my lecture to inform you about main directions of my today’s interests.
During the lecture I told about scientific results obtained by means of the CCG-visualization method and about your wonderful WEB site and Museum. I hope that new readers and admirers appear at you. I wish you new successes!

Alexander Zenkin, Professor, Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics
Computer Center of the Academy of Sciences of Russia


From: Hiroki Tamai

I think it's very successful museum on Internet, covering from history, basic idea, math beyond it to its application.
I'm enjoying it very much.
If physically realized, it will be a very unique museum.

Hiroki Tamai
PhD candidate in architecture
IIT Chicago