From Euclid to Contemporary Mathematics and Computer Science

by Alexey Stakhov (International Club of the Golden Section, Canada)
assisted by Scott Olsen

This volume is a result of the author's four decades of research in the field of Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Section and their applications. It provides a broad introduction to the fascinating and beautiful subject of the "Mathematics of Harmony," a new interdisciplinary direction of modern science. This direction has its origins in "The Elements" of Euclid and has many unexpected applications in contemporary mathematics (a new approach to a history of mathematics, the generalized Fibonacci numbers and the generalized golden proportions, the "golden" algebraic equations, the generalized Binet formulas, Fibonacci and "golden" matrices), theoretical physics (new hyperbolic models of Nature) and computer science (algorithmic measurement theory, number systems with irrational radices, Fibonacci computers, ternary mirror-symmetrical arithmetic, a new theory of coding and cryptography based on the Fibonacci and "golden" matrices).


International Conference on Bioinformatics and its Applications (ICBA’04)

December 16-19, 2004
Nova Southeastern University
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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Resolution of the International Conference "Problems of Harmony, Symmetry and the Golden Section in Nature, Science and Art"


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Alexey Stakhov "Is it possible to create a new elementary mathematics based on the golden section?", Virtual International Journal "The Golden Section: Theory and Applications"


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