The Earth Symphony

Above by consideration of the Earth as the hardened crystal we already told that the geo-frame of the Earth is based on the dodecahedron and regular icosahedron and finally on the golden section. At this page of our Museum we will state a rather interesting reasoning of the Ukrainian chemist Vasutinski who showed in his book "The Golden Proportion" that the Earth during its global self-organization turned into the "Fine Symphony" based on the golden section.

Let's begin from the ratio of the dry land and water areas on the Earth surface. It appears, that the area of the oceans is close to 62 %, the remaining surface of the planet is occupied by continents and seas. Whether is it incidentally what the ratio of these two main formations determining the Earth view corresponds to the golden proportion? Apparently, no. For the long-lived period of its evolution (about 4,5 billions of years) the frame of the planet should achieve some optimum condition. And this harmony was expressed that, on the one hand, the Earth was turn into the geo-dodecahedron, and on the other hand, the ratio of the dry land area to the water area on its surface became equal to the golden proportion.

As in man's body the blood executes the carry of matters to all organism, providing metabolism, creation of new structures, removing slag, so the far-flung system of the water arteries makes the carry of the planet materials, feed of plants, clearing the soils. The solar pomp, as heart, drives the water, raising it from the ocean surface to atmosphere, and then irrigates the biosphere surface by the rain. All system of water-supply (from the water percolation through the soil capillary tubes and rock saturation before formation of the small-sized streams and the vast water arteries) - all this resembles the blood circulatory system of the man.

The Russian biologist Zvetkov showed , that the cardiac mammal's activity is based on the golden proportion (about this we will tell later). Whether is the golden proportion by that fundamental principle underlying the Solar pomp functioning? The researches of the scientists confirmed this hypothesis.

Let's begin from the air compound. If in the Earth air there was percent of the oxygen in 25 %, instead of 21%, as it is now, the scientists believe that the forest could burn under a rain. And if the percent of the oxygen would be only 10%, even the dry timber would not burn. Possibly, that the percent of the oxygen in 21% in the present atmosphere is no random and is the outcome of the biosphere activity, of the total the planet self-organization. And here it is unexpected scientific confirmation of this supposition! The Byelorussian philosopher Soroko (we will tell about his scientific ideas later) came to the conclusion that the atmospheric compound of the Earth meets the requirements of harmonic organization!

The Earth's crust is combined by the rocks of the sedimentary and magmatic parentages. For a long history of the Earth there was a formation of the miscellaneous magmatic rocks. Among the miscellaneous types of the rocks two groups prevail: the acidic rocks (granites) and the main rocks (basalts); remaining ones meet in the tenth portions of percent. There is a question: whether is the formation of the magmatic rocks by "the game of a case" or is it subordinated to some fundamental regularity, the "tendency" to harmonic, the most expedient organization?

The Russian geologist Solov'ev obtained the following data for the ratio of the rocks on territory of the former Soviet Union: the acidic rocks (granites) are 61% and the basic rocks (basalts) are 38,5 %. For the magmatic rocks of all ages the acidic rocks are 62,2 % and the basic rocks are 34,7%. In the accuracy framework all these ratios correspond to the golden proportion! Possibly just here there reveals the main principle of the Erth's crust construction based on the harmonic ratio.

Now we will give the interesting data on the soil cover of the Earth obtained by Russian scientist Stepanov. As is known, the depth of the soil cover on the Earth's surface is insignificant small, about one million part of its diameter. And here on this think soil's pellicle covering continents of our planet, the uncountable organisms are concentrated - millions of plant and animal kinds.

Very many different kinds of the soils are known. It is visible especially clearly at the motion from the North to the South. The scanty soils of tundra are replaced by the forest soils, then by the chernozems, and in the South by the chestnut soils, the brown and sand-desert soils. From the North to the South not only soil structure but also the power of soil's cover changes. The soil is not uniform on the structure and properties. In it three layers are selected. The upper, humus layer (A) is formed as a result of soil enrichment by products of biochemical metamorphosis of plant and animal oddments. Below it is arranged transient, under-humus layer (B), and under it the changed soil-forming rock (the layer C).

The Russian scientist Stepanov studied the soil structures at the territory of the former Soviet Union from Karsky sea up to Karacum's desert and found out a surprising regularity. It was appeared, that the powers of the A-horizon are equal by average 5 cm in the deserted light soil, 8 cm - in the gray-brown soil, 13 cm in the brown semi-desert soil, 21 cm in the light-chestnut soil, 34 cm in the dark-chestnut soil, 55 cm in the usual chernozem, and 89 cm in the alkaline chernozem, themost powerful. Then from the alkaline chernozem in the direction to the tundra soils the power of the layer A again starts to decrease to the gray forest soils and from them to tundra's soils in Fibonacci regularity: 55, 34, 21, 13, 8, 5 cm.

The established by Stepanov sequence of the humus layer power corresponds to Fibonacci numbers arranged symmetrically about the most heavy layer, the alkaline chernozem. The power of each soil's horizon is equal to the sum of two powers of the previous soil kinds and the power ratio of the next soil layers is equal to the golden proportion.

What is the cause of the established mirror-symmetrical property of the soil cover? Probably, it is necessary to search for the cause in the mechanism of self-organization of natural objects. The subordination of the soil structures and properties to Fibonacci numbers brings closer together them with biological objects, with the alive organisms; the soils act not as "dead" geologic formations but as some similarity of the alive organisms.

In Vasutinsky's book "The Golden Proportion" it is given many other examples of the golden proportion manifestation in the Earth's structures and its components (chemistry soil's compound, biological efficiency of different landscapes, periods of geologic Earth evolution etc.). These facts are enough convinced testimony that the Earth as the self-organization system is developed according to the Law of the golden proportion.

Clarification of general fundamental regularities of the Earth development only starts. Now the actual problem is a unification of knowledge, creation of the general science about the Earth as organically integrated system and the golden section can play a relevant role in the creation of the Earth science.