What means the "Golden Section" and Fibonacci numbers?
     Concept of Harmony
Geometrical definition of the Golden Section
Algebraic properties of the Golden Section
Golden Proportion equation
"Golden" geometric progression
Problem of rabbits reproduction
Variations on the theme of Fibonacci
Binet's formulas
"Golden" rectangle
"Pentagon" and "pentagram"
"Golden" spirals
Platonic Solids
Golden Section in the history of the Ancient Art
     Phenomenon of the Ancient Egypt
Mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids
Mystery of the Egyptian calendar
Physagor's striking
Golden Section in Greekís Art
Magnificent Parthenon
Icosahedral-Dodecahedral structure of the Universe
Fibonacci numbers and Golden Section in the epoch of Middle Ages and Renaissance
     Leonard Pisano Fibonacci
The idea of harmony in the Renaissance epoch
"Divine Proportione" by Luca Pachioli
Johannes Kepler: from "Misteries" to "Harmony"
Problem of Harmony and Symmetry in the science of the 19th century
     What is Symmetry?
Return to the Golden Section: old problems in a new development
The overall law of proportionality by Zeising
Lucas and Binetís mathematical researches
Regular icosahedron as the main geometrical object of mathematics