Dear friends!

You have got in surprising world, where you will learn a lot of new and mysterious that encircle you, and about what you, probably, did not know earlier. Our project is called a "Virtual Museum of Harmony and Golden Section", because the exhibits in form of photos are collected in it and it is only in the Internet, but actually all things of our Earth and of all our Universe are exhibits of our Museum.

Professor Alexey Stakhov and his daughter Anna Sluchenkova are the authors of this Museum idea. And the authors of the Museum exhibits are Nature, God, Space, the great artists, poets, scientists of the past and modern time. All history of mankind, our Earth and Universe is connected to our exhibits.

The technological progress has a long-lived history and had passed in its historical development many stages from the Babylonian and Egyptian culture to the "Scientific-Technological Revolution" of the 20-th century and has come in the 21 century, which opens new epoch in a history of mankind - epoch of Harmony. Despite of specific nature of each stage, the fundamental scientific ideas penetrate through all stages of technological advance and exert influence on different areas of Science, Art, Philosophy, and Engineering. The idea of Harmony connected with the Golden Section concerns to category of such fundamental ideas. According to the words by Kuznetsov, investigator of Einstein's creativity, science, physics in particular, always had by its fundamental purpose "to find objective harmony in a labyrinth of the observed facts". In the Ancient Greek philosophy the Harmony was opposed to Chaos and meant organization of the Universe and Space. Ingenious Russian philosopher Alexey Losev wrote: "Since Plato's point of view and in general since all antique cosmology point of view the Universe represents by itself a certain proportional Whole, subordinating to the law of harmonic division - the Golden Section".

The Golden Section and connected with it Fibonacci numbers penetrate through all history of Art. Cheops Pyramid, the most known of Egyptian pyramids, the famous Greek temple Parthenon, majority of the Greek sculptural monuments, unsurpassed "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vince, the picture by Rafael, Shishkin, and modern Russian artist Konstantin Vasiljev, Shopen's etudes, Beethoven's, Chaikovski's and Bella Bartoc's music, "Modulor" by Corbusie are a not full list of outstanding works of art charged by wonderful harmony based on the Golden Section.

In modern science there are many scientific teams professionally learning Fibonacci numbers, Golden Section and their numerous applications in mathematics, physics, philosophy, botanic, biology, medicine, computer science. Many artists, poets, musicians used the "Principle of the Golden Section" in their creativity. In modern science a number of outstanding discoveries based on the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Section were made. The discovery of "quasi-crystals" made in 1984 by the Israeli scientist Dan Shechtman based on the Golden Section and "pentagonal" symmetry has a revolutionary importance for modern physics. The breakthrough in modern ideas about a nature of biological objects formation was made in the beginning of the 90th by the Ukrainian scientist Oleg Bodnar who has built a new geometrical theory of phyllotaxis. Due to research of the American scientists Elliott, Prechter and Fisher Fibonacci numbers have come unexpectedly to the business sphere and become a basis of optimum strategies of business and trade. These discoveries confirm a hypothesis of the American scientist D. Vinter, chief of the "Planet's Palpitations" scientific group. According to this hypothesis not only power Earth's skeleton but also constitution of all living material are based on properties of regular dodecahedron and icosahedron, two "Platonic Solids" connected with the Golden Section. And at last, perhaps, the most main information: the structure of the life genetic code, represents by itself a four-measured scan (on a time axis) of the rotated dodecahedron! Thus, it appears, that all Universe - from a Meta-galaxy and up to a living cell - is constructed by the same principle - indefinitely entered each other of dodecahedron and icosahedron being in the proportion of the Golden Section!

Incredibly! - you exclaim, but why I did not know earlier about this? Because we are first who have decided to join all knowledge about the Golden Section in one Whole, the Museum of Harmony and Golden Section.

Our Museum is truly unique, as, on the one hand, it will tell to you about the Golden Section applications in all without exception frames of Nature, Art and Culture, and on the other hand, about applications of the Golden Section to ancient and modern science. Conditionally the Museum can be sectioned into two parts: cognitive and scientific. The former part pursues the cognitive purpose to acquaint all people, including the schoolboys, students, teachers, homemakers, engineers, specialists of miscellaneous scientific directions and representatives of all arts with surprising discoveries of ancient science - the Golden Section and its miscellaneous applications. The scientific part of the Museum is intended for scientists. Its main purpose is to tell about modern scientific discoveries based on the Golden Section, in particular, about the "Mathematics of Harmony " and its applications to modern science.

We give in our Museum a list of the main books on the Golden Section. We give the links to the WEB-sites on the Golden Section and Fibonacci numbers already existing in the vast Internet freedom. And you can order electronic versions of the articles and books on the Golden Section and we will execute your order with pleasure for small price.

Our Museum is developing structure and we invite each to share in its creation and development, we will consider all your ideas and proposals. Pursuing a purpose to popularize our Museum and to spread knowledge about the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Section we are ready to render educational services and to deliver the lectures of a different degree of complexity on the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Section for students of universities and colleges and for pupils of secondary schools and can maximum adapt these lectures to a level of knowledge and professional directivity of our listeners.

And at last about our Main Purpose. We, certainly, dream of physical realization of such Museum by the way of grandiose architectural temple, in which all works of Nature, Science and Art based on the Golden Section will be collected. We suspect, that in the architectural solution of our Museum all ideas of the ingenious architects and sculptors of an antiquity and modernity glorifying Harmony of the Golden Section will be embodied. And we address to the architects to accept active participation in realization of our proposal. Certainly, without financial support it would be impossible to realize the project of such architectural temple and furthermore to construct our Museum. And consequently we address to all businessmen, creative persons, outstanding sportsmen, art workers, actors, musicians and in general to everyone, who could support financially the given project, with the proposal to become our sponsors and participants of our undertaking. If our sponsor would be famous firms we are ready to advertise your production in our Museum since the "golden' point of view. Your names will be entered in the "Honor Book of the Museum of Harmony and Golden Section " and that will perpetuate your name in a history of science and culture. We would like to create at our Museum the "FUND OF THE GOLDEN SECTION" to realize one more our purpose to support financially the unique scientists of our planet who study Fibonacci numbers and Golden Section in their professional fields.

We welcome you to visit our "Virtual Museum of Harmony and Golden Section" and to take active participation in our undertakings. Write to us. The most interesting letters we will place on pages of our Museum. And we will perceive with huge thanks all your proposals and guidelines.

Yours faithfully and thanks
Alexey Stakhov
Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor,
Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering sciences.