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Alexey Stakhov (e-mail: is Doctor of Sciences in Computer Science (1972), Full Professor (1974), Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences (1992). His current research interests include measurement theory, coding theory, cryptography theory, computer arithmetic, the Fibonacci numbers and Golden Section theory, history and foundations of mathematics. He is author of many original papers and books in this field.

Alexey Stakhov

The most famous amongst them are: "Introduction into Algorithmic Measurement Theory" (1977); "Algorithmic measurement theory" (1979); "Codes of the Golden Proportion" (1984) (this one is included by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the List of the best Soviet books written on the joint of Science and Art), "Computer Arithmetic based on Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Section: New Information and Arithmetic Computer Foundations" (1997), "Introduction into Fibonacci Coding and Cryptography" (1999). In 1996 he delivered the lecture "The Golden Section and Modern Harmony Mathematics" at the 7th International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications (Austria, Graz, July 1996).

The American Biographical Institute has chose Professor Stakhov for biographical inclusion in the 7 th Edition of the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, in the 4th Edition of the International Who's Who of Contemporary Achievement, and has been awarded the 2000 Millennium Medal of Honor.

Professor Alexey Stakhov worked as Visiting Professor of Vienna Technical University (Austria, 1976), Jena University (Germany, 1986), Dresden Technical University (Germany, 1988), Al-Fateh University (Tripoli, Libya, 1995-97), Eduardo Mondlane University (Maputo, Mozambique, 1998-2000). He is currently a Chairman of the Computer Science Department of the Vinnitsa State Agricultural University (Ukraine) and Professor of the Mathematics Department of the Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University (Ukraine).

Anna Sluchenkova graduated with honor from the Vinnitsa State Technical University (1992). Her diploma project was called "Ternary-Symmetry Fibonacci Adder". After graduation from the University she worked as Scientific Project Manager at the company Fibonacci Systems, than since 1997 as General Accountant at several Ukrainian companies. In 2000 she has immigrated to Canada. Anna is working now at United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto (Canada). She is co-author of the book "Introduction into Fibonacci Coding and Cryptography" and participated with two lectures in the 7th International Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications (Austria, Graz, Julay 1996). For the time been "Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications" is her hobby.

Anna Sluchenkova